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What a day

In the midst

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displayed on the screen-the odd urban gay boy
9 February 1986
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adbusters, aimee mann, alexander mcqueen, american beauty, american history x, amoeba music, ani difranco, anne rice, anthropology, augusten burroughs, beer, berkeley, björk, bubble tea, buffalo 66, california, camping, cheese, cheez-its, cibo matto, coldplay, cremaster cycle, dancing, dazed, diesel, donnie darko, drinking, echo park, edward norton, edwin long, emiliana torrini, erykah badu, eternal sunshine, exspensive shit, fahrenheit 911, family tree, far from heaven, fight club, fiona apple, french connection, friends, frou frou, fruit, furry boys, gap, garbage, garden state, gay jewish boys, ghost world, goldfrapp, gucci, gummo, gus-gus, guster, hairy chests, hermosa beach, historic homes, hollywood, hooverphonics, hugs, husky rescue, i am x, i heart huckabees, independant films, ingres, interview with the vampire, jack off jill, kit kats, kylie minogue, le tigre, los angeles, louis vuitton, m.i.a., mac, madonna, marilyn manson, matmos, matthew barney, men, missy elliott, morcheeba, movies, mum, new orleans, nick knight, nine inch nails, oregon, organic food, paul delaroche, pho, photography, placebo, poetry, porn, portishead, portland, post, prada, puma, radiohead, rasputina, royal tenenbaums, salad, san francisco, santa monica, santogold, sarah mclachlan, sex, shoes, sigur-ros, silver lake, smashing pumpkins, snickers, snow, sonic youth, southern california, soy milk, stumptown coffee, sunshine, tea, the beach, the cardigans, the frames, the ghetto, the road home, toby maguire, tori amos, trees, tricky, trip hop, triplet's of belleville, ucla, underwear, urban outfitters, vanilla sky, venice beach, vespertine, virgin suicides, virginia woolf, volumen, waking life, water, wine, wishing, yoga, zwan

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