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Facebook has stolen our words. Our paragraphs have been slimmed down to instantaneous blips called "updates". Where have we all gone?

The decline of live journal

It's here. I can't help but notice the ads blipping around my screen as I'm updating my journal after quite a long absence. This website has turned into a prostitute touting something that used to be a really neat thing. I think LJ should just start digging its grave.

Anyway I'll have to figure out a suitable alternative to this. I've been on this thing for years and years but now I'm feeling a little claustrophobic.

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Gosh life has been hiding this from me for a while hasn't it? Thank you for letting me turn 24 so I can experience something close to bliss. I love today. Happy B-day for sure! I only wish my Mom was here to see me so happy. I had a problem processing that her remains are in the shape of ash in a wooden chest in my closet. I want to hug that woman who brought me into this world and let her know that I'm doing amazing. I have that love and spirit from her in my every fiber every day of my life. Love you Mom.

On to the details. I have given myself the calmest day. It is exactly what I wanted for a birthday. The sun is out raining down vitamin d and smiles all around. Matt and I went to bakery bar for b-day breakfast. OF COURSE I treated myself to fresh biscuits with applewood smoked bacon with pimento cheese and egg. Rosemary hash browns on the side and a piping hot glass of earl gay tea. What's not to love? We walked about 4 miles in the sunshine. I love all the Queen Anne's in this area. Such lovely homes! Tonight I have nothing planned. I'm going to do some laundry and get all smelly good just incase I do go out. I don't really mind anything right now. I'm absolutely happy :)

Lesson in superior homosexuality as observed by Danny

To be a superior homosexual you must do these things in order to form a loyal internet gay fan base for life.
Before you start these tips you MUST get a blog. Microblog, twitter, facebook, and mobile update from your smart phone. Do not let outdated and pitiful gays tell you otherwise, liveblog all the time.
Now let's begin!

1.Get into comics and action/sci fi literature and film.
2.Buy Tori Amos albums.
3.Familiarize yourself with a beard, grow one, and learn precision trimming of said beard.
4.Photograph precisely trimmed beard OBSESSIVELY and edit with photo shop for your fans.
5.Bake lots of foods and photograph them to show your fans you are well off and can afford to COOK.
6.Learn internet lingo.Educate yourself on what the difference between Linux and Windows based operating systems is.
7.Go to Target to buy smelly good things.
8.Move into vintage apartment in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Boston, Brooklyn, or Chicago. Visit those cities to share your wealth of art, fashion, nerdy-ness, and gay ness. You will pick up many fans guaranteed.
9.Own tons pairs of overpriced underwear and pose in them when you've had too much Pinot Noir.
10.More photo's of the beard except this time with shaving cream from Nordstrom.
11. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, AND REPEAT. Acquire boyfriend and train him in the art of superior homosexuality so you BOTH can acquire fans.
12.Photograph you two as a couple. Post photos online. Enjoy the fruits of your labours(spell with British and Canadian spelling too).

If you follow these hard learned tips you will be mighty successful in all your homosexual adventures! Our lifestyle is absolutely decadent yet conservationist at the same time. We must be adored and equally desired by the masses. More tips by Danny soon!

Severe lack of Vitamin D

I have been the most professional recluse today. I slept in till 1 pm and loved every second of it. My room smells like boy and I don't care. I watched my computer defrag itself from start to finish with squinty eyes from my bed. It's so very gloomy outside and all I want to do is listen to this song on repeat.

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